About us

Wenka Computer Systems is an IT consulting and support service company based in the Netherlands. Our field of expertise includes IT security (cybersecurity), networking and open source software for server-based applications and VoIP systems.

Feel free to contact us for further information.

IT security

Network security is a key factor in IT environments. Wenka advises and assists IT professionals with the implementation and configuration of IT security and policies. We are specialized in:

  • Network infrastructure auditing
  • Router/firewall configuration and management
  • Developing and implementing security policies

A robust and reliable IT environment is based on a good network. We design, advise and assist IT professionals in the construction of such a network infrastructure.


We have the knowledge and the tools to troubleshoot your network problems.

Open source software

Wenka is specialized in open source software.

You can consult us for:

  • OpenBSD and FreeBSD operating systems
  • Linux-based operating systems
  • Open source hardware (coreboot firmware)
  • Virtualization with KVM, Xen, Hyper-V and VMWare -based platforms
  • VoIP deployments based on Asterisk

We develop (web)tools and scripts for IT professionals in C, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Perl and shell for the configuration of open source software packages, like VoIP (Asterisk), firewall, routing and scaling applications.

OpenBSD and FreeBSD background

OpenBSD and FreeBSD are UNIX-like operating systems based on 4.4BSD-Lite.

OpenBSD is known for it's pro-active security and integrated cryptography. The OpenBSD project developed many important open source software, like OpenSSH, OpenBGPD (routing daemon), OpenSMTPD (mail server), OpenNTPD (network time server) and following the recent security issues (e.g. Heartbleed) with OpenSSL, LibreSSL.

FreeBSD supports the ZFS file system developed by Sun and is suitable for both desktop and server applications. Netflix (streaming and video on demand), Whatsapp and consumer hardware like the Nintendo Switch, use FreeBSD.